Amechi Muonagor, A popular Nollywood Actor seeks for Help over health Challenges

Amechi Muonagor, A popular Nollywood Actor seeks Help over health Challenges

A popular Nollywood Actor, Amechi Muonagor seeks Help while battling health challenges. He’s currently in a wheelchair battling with a stroke.

This is barely two weeks after comic actor John Okafor, popularly known as “Mr. Ibu” publicly asked for prayers and financial help from Nigerians as he suffered an ailment that raises concerns about possible amputation of his legs, another famous Nollywood, Amechi Muonagor is suffering the same fate.

The actor known for Paw Paw and Aki passed on this information on Thursday night in a viral video claiming that he has been going through a stroke for the past seven months. This Nollywood Actor who showed in the public video, made an appeal for financial support. He revealed that he is struggling with paralysis which affected half of his left leg.

He stated the reason he did not initially publicize his ailment was that he didn’t know it would take this long.

He voiced out, “I’m sick, this thing that is called stroke caught up with me, and from there they rushed me to the hospital. The first hospital they took me to was in Nnewi, where I spent two months, and was directed to Teaching Hospital Nnewi where I’m currently.”

He also said, “I was in a movie set with Emeka Ani, Patience Ozokwo, Rita Edochie, and Ebele Okaro. I was about to enter my car when I was caught up with this problem and since then, it has been getting worse. Right now, I can’t move, I can’t walk on my feet, half of my left leg is paralyzed, and my left hand is not movable, it is a problem for me.

Meanwhile, reaching the development, actor Agbogidi Clemson Cornell blamed the regular health challenges facing Nollywood actors recently on lack of rest and taking care of themselves.

He spoke out, that due to the nature of the job, many of his colleagues hardly find time to rest and take care of their health challenges.

Back in 2016, they were saying that Amechi Muonagor was troubled with diabetes. Since then, the actor hasn’t featured in any movie. There had been rumors about him leaving the movie industry.

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