Hilda Baci Reacts after Losing World Record to Irish Chef

Hilda Baci Reacts After Losing World Record to Irish Chef

Hilda Baci, the former Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking marathon, has spoken out after Losing her title to an Irish Chef.

She shared her feelings about the record-breaking event that was officially confirmed by Guinness.

She revealed how she felt after being dethroned by the new record holder.

Hilda Baci, the Nigerian baker who held the last Guinness World Record for longest cooking marathon, has finally broken in silence after Losing her reputable title to an Irish Chef.

She disclosed her feelings and thoughts on a record-breaking event that was officially confirmed by Guinness currently.

A new world record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual has been set by Alan Fisher, an Irish Chef who owns a restaurant in Japan.

Guinness World Record: Hilda Baci Reacts After Losing World Title

Alan Fisher cooked for an astounding 119 hours and 57 minutes, breaking the antecedent record held by Hilda Baci, a Nigerian cooking diva.

See the tweet:

The Guinness World Record confirmed Fisher’s attainment on their official Twitter account, and they stated they would send him a certificate and a medal to recognize his winning or achievement.

They also adore Hilda Baci for her amazing performance and said they were astonished and impressed by the diversity and creativity of the dishes both chefs prepared.

Hilda Baci Loses Her Guinness World Record to Irish Chef

The earlier reports that Hilda Baci had lost the Guinness world record to an Irish Chef Alan Fisher.

This Alan Fisher really worked very hard to dethrone the Nigerian female chef who became recognized and well-known months ago when she was confirmed by the prestigious organization.

Many Nigerians reacted when the news came that the popular Nigerian chef had been dethroned. Many people have said that Hilda Baci should have been given more time to enjoy her winning before anyone came to beak it.

The record-giving institute said that anyone can break the Guinness award at any point in time, persisting there’s no time lapse. Hilda Baci congratulated the recent holder on Twitter. Many Nigerians said that Hilda Baci will always be recognized all over the world.




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