Davido’s Lucrative Endorsement Deal with Pepsi: How Much Does He Get Paid?

Davido’s Lucrative Endorsement Deal with Pepsi: How Much Does He Get Paid?

Over the years, Davido’s ascendancy in the music industry has been growing, making him one of the biggest afro eat giants of recent. With his musical gift and popularity, it’s not a shock that big brands like Pepsi have come banging his door.

On April 2nd, 2016, Pepsi met Davido with an intriguing offer that he couldn’t reject.

The beverage company offered him an astonishing amount of $100 million on a 2–year contract, and since then, he has continued to renew his partnership with Pepsi.

It’s easy to see why Pepsi would be interested in collaborating with Davido. His fans known as the “30 billion gang”, are devoted and loyal, always anxious to support his idol.

This has turned into a boost in sales for Pepsi, as his influence has inspired his fans to consume the carbonated drink in line with their mentor.

But it’s not just about the business aspect, this music star has displayed genuine compassion and devotion to his partnership with Pepsi.

He constantly appears in their advertisements, bringing his unique style and energy to the brand.

His presence in the ad campaigns has aided in hardening Pepsi’s connection with the younger generation and has made him one of the most known faces associated with the brand.

Having such a Lucrative endorsement deal is not a small achievement, and Davido has rightfully gained his place as one of the highest-paid Nigerian Afrobeat stars.

His Success and fame have made way for other artists in the industry to have similar deals, also hardening the global recognition of Nigerian music.

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