Which Good Wife Asked for a Car and iPhone when Her Husband is Sick: Reactions as Mr Ibu’s Wife and Adopted Daughter Clashes Again

Which Good Wife Asked for a Car and iPhone when Her Husband is Sick: Reactions as Mr Ibu’s Wife and Adopted Daughter Clashes Again

Netizens have weighed in on the conflict between a Nollywood star Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, and his adopted daughter, Jasmine Okafor, over donations made to him by Nigerians.

It was earlier reported that were at odds over the donation given to the ailing star.

According to the report, his wife wants to use the contribution funds to squander on her luxurious lifestyle, because she always mentions buying an iPhone 15 and a new car. Mr Ibu’s wife was said to have leveraged her account to get 1 million from the donation.

In reaction to that, Stella Maria claimed that Jasmine was trying to make her an outsider in her marriage. She regarded her statement as malicious, she swore to address Jasmine’s excessive intrusion in her family affairs and other related matters.

This statement pushed people to question her as to what a good wife needs for a car when her husband is battling for his health.


 “Why talk about a car in the first place when your husband is sick? Is that a priority?”


“This lady isn’t a serious person she’s always fighting because of money she will use for her luxurious life. She’s even talking about her on her page that she will be using for hospital runs.”


“Which good wife will ask for a car during her husband’s trying time? Imagine the talk. Shame.”


 “Lol. You stylishly mentioned that they buy you a car from your husband’s health donations because taking public transport is stressful. That’s disgraceful”.


“This is the type of thing that kills a man so quickly. When you are alive but on a sick bed and hear your family quarrel about money instead of what to do and get you out of sick bed”.


 “You said you wanted to concentrate on your husband yet you wrote all these! What else is there to say again?”


“Jasmine is the reason Mr Ibu is still getting proper treatment and awareness. If you leave him for this wife, Hmmmm”.


“Jasmine a stranger? Someone who has been the one shouldering the whole bill until it was too much for her to handle”.


“So people who donated are not total strangers or what. Why calm Jasmine total stranger? You are an ungrateful heart, Madam”.



Does it mean Mr Ibu doesn’t have any cars? You want a car from the donation made to save your husband’s life when he is still lying critically in the hospital. People can be selfish too”.


“But why will Jasmine who is not a member of the family keep the statement of account from the wife?”

This drama has been going on for less than a year now after they made a caption of where they publicly dragged over his property.

Stella Maris, Mr Ibu’s Wife had asked for help after knowing of Jasmine’s scheme to deceive her husband, whom she alleged was suffering from dementia.

She went further to explain what she has been going through in Jasmine’s hands. Though, having involved the police they were able to resolve their marital dispute, and to avoid future contretemps, Jasmine was made his manager and was required to take Stella’s commands and instructions.

In the middle of the whole situation, the movie star, John Okafor who has been hospitalized for weeks and spent his 66 year birthday in a sick bed, is recently fighting for his life.

Mr Ibu has undergone 7 successful surgeries and one of his legs was amputated.

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