Mr Ibu’s Son Debunks Actor’s Wife’s Viral Allegations Over Daughter: No Truth in What She Said

Mr Ibu’s Son Debunks Actor’s Wife’s Viral Allegations Over Daughter: No Truth in What She Said

Nigerian comedian actor Mr Ibu’s son, Daniel Okafor, told the public of the controversies surrounding his father’s personal account.

Earlier reported that some concerned celebrities and citizens donated towards the well-being of the actor.

Allegations have been made against the actor’s wife, Stella Maris, and his adopted daughter, Jasmine, concerning the donated money, which Daniel Okafor addressed.

Daniel Okafor, the son of the popular Nigerian actor, John Ikechukwu Okafor, known as Mr Ibu, has exposed his stepmother, Stella Maris’s contentions about controlling the account through which donations were sent.

It was reported that the ailing actor solicited help online from the general public and financial assistance concerning his health.

Stella made a post on her Instagram page addressing the allegations that she had brought money meant for Mr. Ibu’s care so that she could purchase a car and other luxurious product items for herself.

Also, she blamed the actor’s adopted daughter, Jasmine, for escalating the allegation. Stella, in the interest of setting the record straight, disclosed that the actor’s main bank account is not one she has access to.

Stella proceeded saying that Jasmine had appropriated the bank account where well-wishers in Nigeria had sent donations to help the ailing actor.

According to the new information, Jasmine was asked to voice out regarding the charges but she refused to provide specifics, see her reply below:

“I do not want to be involved with the online drama, at least not yet. I am more concerned for Daddy’s well-being.”

Thus, she told the news outlet to reach out to the actor’s younger son, who identified himself as Daniel Okafor. He said:

“My name is Daniel Okafor; I am John Okafor’s second son. There is no truth in what Stella Maris has been sharing online. Jasmine does not have access to that account; I have access to it. I am the signatory to the account and my father’s next of kin.”

Daniel disclosed that Stella Maris is his stepmother, but he still wouldn’t discuss his biological mother. He said:

“She is my stepmother. My mother is not around at the moment.”

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