Fun Video of Mercy Johnson and Jackie Appiah Rapping Phyno’s Song Impresses Fans: 2 Queens

Fun Video of Mercy Johnson and Jackie Appiah Rapping Phyno’s Song Impresses Fans: 2 Queens. Top movie stars, Mercy Johnson and Jackie Appiah have left fans gushing over their latest cooperation.

The two were seen Rapping along to Nigerian singer Phyno’s Song in a video that was posted on Instagram.

The amazing video left many netizens gushing over the actresses and praising their Rapping skills.

Well-known Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson and her Ghanaian colleague, Jackie Appiah, have created a massive buzz on social media with their latest move.

Mercy Johnson posted to her official Instagram page to shock her fans with a video of herself with Jackie Appiah having a great time and excitement.

In the video, the Nigerian actress tapped to Phyno’s hit song, Do I, before Jackie Appiah showed up from a back room to join her.

Mercy and Appiah seem like they are having fun together, acting like hip-hop stars while showing off their Rapping skills in the video.

Mercy said they were on a movie set in the post’s caption.

See the intriguing video below:

Reactions as Mercy Johnson and Jackie Appiah rap in fun video

This video of Mercy Johnson and Jackie Appiah was a hit among netizens, with many flocking to the comment section to praise them for their rapping skills. Some comments are below:



“Raise your hand if you watched it more than twice.”


“The two who were and are still the QUEENS Consistency and Hard Work .”


“Ndi Rap .”


“No mama…you don’t look like you give a f**k …two queens️.”


“Respected women! Hands down not !even a single negative comment.”


“Total shutdown .”


“Who join this Two together?Something is about to Happen Oh.”


“So our Queen J can dance.”


“Gorgeous women .”


“Killing it steadily Mama… Don’t Play Guys!!!”


“My screen goddesssssss.”


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